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Garlock Klozure Seals

Bergman Specialty Products is able to offer oil seals from Garlock Klozure. They are available in many sizes from metals cased, solid, split or all rubber using Mill-Right materials on all elastomeric seals for ultimate protection.

Garlock promises quality assurance with in house testing facilities.

Please send your drawings to our quick quote page or call to discuss product materials with our friendly staff.

Garlock Gaskets

A front view of a dark grey Garlock gasketThree-quarter view of a Garlock sealAn image of a Garlock seal, type 3545Another view of a Garlock oil and gas gasket
An image of a white gasket, type 6-2An image of a Garlock Klozure seal using 2 different materialsAn image of a Sigraflex type Garlock Klozure seal.
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